Silk’s Brasserie 128 The Mall, Leura NSW 2780
ph: 02 4784 2534
Silks Celebrates 20 Years

The doors at Silk’s Brasserie are open every day of the week for lunch and dinner, a welcoming symbol of the best of Blue Mountains hospitality.

The ambience of the dining room is delightful, warm and inviting all year round. High ceilings, ochre-coloured walls, smart black and white chequerboard floor and the crisp linen-covered tables all contribute to a memorable dining experience.

In the heart of historic Leura village, the award-winning Silk’s Brasserie has set the standard for fine dining on the Blue Mountains since 1994.











Built about 100 years ago around the time of Australia’s Federation, the handsome building which accommodates Silk’s has been the home to many business ventures over the decades. In 1905 it was Mrs Brennan’s greengrocer’s shop, and if you can catch the afternoon light it’s still possible to read the words ‘Ceylon Tea’ and ‘Potatoes’ on the old glass of the front window – a reminder of the shop’s history.
Over the ensuing decades the building variously housed the office of Leura Taxis, a shoe shop and an antique store run by a gentleman named Renzo Lupano.
In 1991 the building was converted in to a restaurant named La Sala by Reg Livermore, a long-time Mountains resident. He installed the impressive Parisian-style bar and the smart black and white chequerboard floor - still major features of our dining room decor.
In 1994 the restaurant was bought by Graham and Erin Silk who changed the name to Silk’s Brasserie and operated it until 2001 when they sold the business, leaving it with its now-famous name.